Bubbles Mexican Restaurant

墨西哥气泡餐厅 (Mòxīgē Qìpào Cāntīng)

O.K. funny name aside, this is apparently the only authentic Mexican restaurant in Changsha. The prices are quite high, but if you’re looking for some sizzling fajitas, and fresh salsa and guacamole, this is the only place you’ll find it.

613 Furong Road, inside the Starry Hotel (on the Bank of China side of Bayi Bridge)

芙蓉区芙蓉中路一段613号STARRY星栈酒店内(八一桥中国工商银行旁) Fúróng qū fúróng zhōnglù yīduàn 613 hào STARRY xīng zhàn jiǔdiàn nèi (bāyī qiáo zhōngguó gōngshāng yínháng páng)

Taxi Directions:
“请带我去气泡墨西哥餐厅在芙蓉路613 (八一桥附近)”
“Qǐng dài wǒ qù qìpào mòxīgē cāntīng zài fúróng lù 613 (bāyī qiáo fùjìn)”
“Please take me to Bubbles Mexican restaurant at 613 Furong Road (near Bayi Bridge)”

Phone: (0731)88730933, 88722888

2 Responses to Bubbles Mexican Restaurant

  1. leo says:

    how is this place? I’m from Texas and a Mexican food fanatic, so i can be picky. Anyone who has been here please review it!

  2. Jorge Luis Casalis says:

    hi Leo! I’m from Argentina and I’ve been in that restaurant last week, it’s quite good, there are no mexicans but at least there is mexican food. Are you still living in Changsha? I’m new in the city.

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